萬毅自 1996 年取得ISO 9001品質認證以來,致力工藝水準的自我提升;同時也秉持著真誠、至善至美的精神,追求卓越,確保客戶的訂單在出貨前,皆能通過嚴密品質監控。   從鋼材選定、製程安排、開始加工到包裝出貨,每位訓練有素的萬毅同仁,即負責起自我品質管制,隨時更新相關檢測儀器測量技巧,如數位投影機、表面粗度儀、輪廓儀、測硬度機、同心測定儀…等;並於製程中隨時回饋製作狀況,讓您也隨時掌握訂單流程,追求最高效益。       
 WAN YI persists in implementing the commitment of quality assurance to our customers. Both quality and reliability are influenced by incoming material, engineering design, and process control. Our quality staffs are well-trained to conform with required standards, and to accurately operate every inspection device. ( Such as projector, hardness tester, roughness tester, contracer and measuring cages…etc.) Meanwhile, we also educate our producing engineers to be the first- round inspectors in order to keep strict quality control. An ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System is fully enforced. WAN YI focuses on customers' needs in terms of quality, specification, and on-time delivery, which enables us to keep good reputation in business.    

 品質政策 : 真、善、美,共同努力, 零  缺  點,客户滿意 ! 
Quality Policy :
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