激發潛力 / 優化產能 

在 6500 平方公尺的生產基地上,我們全天候兩班時段的技術人員及超過70部的CNC精密設備,如數位控制車床、銑床、內外徑研磨機、雕刻機、放電機、線切割機、拋光機等,每日10~12小時積極營運,與客戶密切合作之下,能夠接受從 1 到 3000 件的單一生產訂單,應用數位條碼系統,確保產線間的緊密連接,隨時準確控管每張訂單的流程順暢。

Upon 6500 M² plant, WAN YI supplies required tools according to customer drawings or appropriate sample parts. Our reliable manufacturing experience is accumulated in decades through the continuous cooperation with customers. With two shifts of work force and over 70 CNC machines operated 10~12 hours a day, we accept the quantity from 1 to more than 3,000 pieces in every single order.       

CNC 技術開發
CNC Machining 

EDM 精密線切割
Wire Cutting 

綜合工具機技術開發Machining Center Grinding